Friday, March 03, 2006

March 2, 2006 playlist

Fill-in for KROB

This show was underwritten by Family Planning Clinics of California:

There are 1.6 million unwanted teenage pregnancies every year. With a little education and communication we can bring that statistic down.

Please tell your teens about the OTHER hole.

Anal sex prevents unwanted pregnancy and doesn't hurt as much as you would think.

redd kross - annie's gone - third eye
comsat angels - at sea

DAF - der mussonlini
covenant - stalker

duran duran - last chance on the stairway
ministry - thieves - the mind is a terrible thing to taste
ministry - blood - rio grande
d.i. - spiritual laws - ancient artifacts

cows - everybody
echo and the bunnymen - yo yo man - ocean rain
mark lanagen - wedding dress - bubblegum

sex gang children - beasts
45 grave - procession - debasement tapes

stranglers - european girl
fad gadget - luxury

dive - dark room - snakedressed
jesus and mary chain - taste of cindy
nitzer ebb - lightning man

the damned - suicide
4skins - i'll stick to my guns
current 93 - on coal black smith - swastika goddy

black flag - depression
throbbing gristle - dead on arrival
cindytalk - everybody is christ

jonathan richman - astral plane
absolute body control - baby's on fire
birthday party - deep in the woods - the bad seed

killing joke - darkness before the dawn - nighttime
bauhaus - she's in parties
cassandra complex - symphony for the devil

depeche mode - behind the wheel
diary of dreams - play god
cindytalk - the ghost never smiles - camouflage heart

dwarves - motherfucker
in the nursery - twins
einsturzende neubauten - futter mein ego

klinik - braindamage
flesh for lulu - restless
pixies - vamos

coil - love's secret domain
wolfsheim - nasty

sonic youth - death valley '69 - bad moon rising
der blutharsh - untitled

nick cave - rye whiskey
psychic tv - stick insect
mesh - this is what you wanted - the in crowd

diamanda galas - malediction
smiths - meat is murder


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