Sunday, August 27, 2006

August 26th

showed up at the station @ about 3:45 since I heard dead air...played some album sides until i went outside and had a couple of beers to ease into five hours of radio time.

Special Guest: Irvine Welsh

The Makers - Side Two - Middle Finger album from Estrus
L7 - Side One - Smell the Magic
Pain Teens - A few songs from self titled album
Lou Reed - Perfect Day
The Smiths - A bunch of songs off Hatful of Hollow
Replacements - A bunch of songs off Pleased to Meet Me
Duran Duran - A couple of songs

Then, was ready to get my full groove on:

New Order - Temptation
Bad Brains - How Punk Can You Get?

Ludicra - In the Greenest Male
Nirvana - Drain You
Camper Van Beethoven - When I Win the Lottery

Mudhoney - If I Think
Mick Harvey - Intoxicated Man
Blur - Sing

6:00pm - Drinks with Tony starts official with theme song

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Irvine Welsh interview segment 1

Elastica - 2:1
Irvine Welsh interview segment 2

Sleeper - Atomic
Irvine Welsh interview segment 3

Birthday Party - Big-Jesus-Trash-Can
Lapsed - Deconstructing Failure

Individual Totem - Paradoxen
Numb - Blind

(berated listeners for not knowing who wrote "Death On The Installment Plan" and/or "Blood Meridian".)

Wumpscut - Fear in Motion
Tesco Vee & White Flag - Hot Rails to Hell

Pimentola - Sairaus Ryomii Silsmistasi Sisaan II
Nekyia - Nausea - Purgatory
Sonic Youth - I'm Insane

Winterkalte - Ban Depleted Uranium Weapons
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Buzzcocks - Ever Fall In Love

Autonervous - Saxnewage
Sanctum - Lie Low
Diary of Dreams - False Effect

Noisex - NIghtmare Lodge
Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather - Daddy Cruel
Diamanda Galas - Gloomy Sunday

Gun Club - For the Love of Ivy
Wovenhand - ?
Effigies - Haunted Town

Billy Childish & Holly Golightly - Upside Mine
Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Clean Hands Dirty Hands

Depeche Mode - John the Revelator
(highly recommended obtaining Son House's version of John the Revelator)

Next week's show is probably cancelled. I'll update the September schedule soon.

Thanks for listening.