Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 3, 2007

Tom Shatchman, author of Rumspringa: To Be or Not To Be Amish


Bad Religion - Faith Alone
Tom Shatchman segment 1

Spore - Fear God
Tom Shatchman segment 2

D.I. - Spiritual Law
Tom Shatchman segment 3

Negativland - Christianity is Stupid
Velvet Acid Christ - The Calling
Alec Empire - Gotta Get Out
Wumpscut - Jesus Antichristus

KIT interview and a bunch of music from their forthcoming release, "Broken Voyage". Go see KIT at ATA, 992 Valencia St., San Francisco on Feb. 16th.

The Cure - The Figurehead
S.I.N.A. - Fragile Woman
Monolith - Watching You Die
Monument Westwall - Sacrifice Yourself
Assemblage23 - Breath of Ghosts
Converter - Sadist
H.E.R.R. - Storm of Capricorn
Grinderman - Get It On

Then I went to El Rio to see D.I., Last Round Up and the Bar Feeders. Great show.

Thanks for listening. No show on February 10. Drinks with Tony will return February 17th.