Sunday, December 03, 2006

December 2, 2006 - Dirk Dirksen Memorial Show

Memories of Dirk

Archived interview of Dirksen when he was on Drinks with Tony in August 2006.

Family, friends, bands and fans paid their respects during the show.

Music played included The Contractions, The Symptoms, Los Microwaves, JFA, Naked Raygun, Ramones, DRI, Germs, UXA, Blondie, The Adolescents, White Trash Debutantes, Crime and more.

I never went to the FabMab since I was too young and I didn't know who Dirksen was when he came on my radio show with The Contractions and The Symptoms in August...he wasn't scheduled and I thought he was Kathy's dad or something....he completely punked me during the interview saying he was the janitor of the FabMab and sat on the couch in our old studio yelling from the background....pulling my leg very hard while i asked him to talk about himself. I played snippets of that interview throughout the Memorial show.

Big thanks to DJ Pixie for co-hosting the show with me.

It was a rough show to put together since my grandfather died a few days before the it was a week full of emotion, conflicting emotions.

I got to spend two hours with Dirk during his life. It felt like 90 minutes.

Dirk, thanks for making punk rock happen in San Francisco and inspiring so many people.

Onward and Upward!

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