Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th - Adam Balbo

einsturzende neubauten - total eclipse of the sun
liquid sky soundtrack - my and my rhythm box
noisex - ignorragnace

grinderman - i dont need you
francoiz breut - l'eticelle ou la contrainte du feu (N)
the holy kiss - under noon of night

sepultura - drug me
the acacia stain - the combine (N)
john zorn wru

king missle - sex with you
replacements - only if you were lonely
miele - crois-tu? (N)

the smiths - what difference does it make
jonathan richman - i'm straight
the pooh sticks - time to time

tom waits - heart attack and vine
mark lanegan - ramblin man
mike ness - charmed life

mudhoney - halloween
adam balbo -

mick harvey - come into my sleep
crime and the city solution - room of lights

iggy pop - mask
sonic youth - kool thing
snog - turn on your brain baby

NEXT WEEK: ALAN BLACK - author of A Kick in the Balls

thanks for listening