Thursday, July 02, 2009

July 2, 2009

Guest: Adam Schell


my life with the thrill kill kult/the devil does drugs/kooler than jesus
depeche mode/wrong/the sound of the universe
thee headcoatee/you're right, i'm wrong/punk girls
marianne faithfull/what have i done wrong/the collection
public enemy/time bomb/yo! bum rush the show
joey ramone/like a drug i never did before/don't worry about me
sepultura/drug me/blood rooted
swans/like a drug/children of god
velvet acid christ/fun with drugs/fun with knives
bad religion/mediocre minds/no substance
mindFluxFuneral/dog meat god/NUM productions
mick harvey/i don't want you on my mind/two of diamonds
ministry/faith collapsing/the mind is a terrible thing to taste
chris rock/driving too slow/born suspect
:wumpscut:/koslow/music for a slaughtering tribe
paul weller/paper smile/as is now
coil/window pane/love's secret domain

love you, see you soon.