Friday, May 15, 2009

May 14th - Theresa Andersson

nick cave - brother, my cup is empty - henry's dream
theresa andersson - clusters - hummingbird go! (N)
theresa andersson - innan du gar - hummingbird go! (N)
theresa andersson - locusts are gossiping - hummingbird go! (N)
theresa andersson - birds fly away - hummingbird go! (N)

the interview with theresa was lots of fun...then played a handful of music before DJ Antjuan took over the boards. tracks included:

combichrist - this shit will fuck you up - cyberlab volume 5.0
dive - dark room - snake dressed
INXS - melting in the sun - the swing
KMFDM - everyday is a good day to die - hau ruck
klutae - dirty bitch - hit 'n' run

see you next week w/ writers from debut lit. check out for full schedule.