Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 9, 2006

Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9fm San Francisco & Los Angeles

Drinks with Tony, 6pm-9:30pm.

September Ninth playlist:

Arnocorps - Total Recall
Dwarves - Let's Fuck

Negativland - Christianity is Stupid
Snog - Bourgeois
Black Lung - The Zone of Percolating Violence
Snog - Corporate Slave

Spetsnaz - That Perfect Body
Heimataerde - Jerusalem

Sol Invictus - Light me a Candle
Ute Lemper - Litter Water Song
Wovenhand - Winter Shaker

Letum - Betrayed
Beastie Boys - short sample of b-boy
Marilyn Manson - I put a Spell on You

VNV Nation - Totmacher remix
Dive - Darkroom
Icon of Coil - Shelter

Narsilion - Words of Eternal Prophecies
Nick Cave - time jesum transeuntun et non riverentum
Predominance - Final Chants

Nebelhexe - The Figurehead
Navicon Torture Technologies - Pariah
Nine Inch Nails - Sin

Agonize - Running
Sieben - Deathlust
Lemon Kitties - Only a Rose

Nitzer Ebb - God Head
Nitzer Ebb - Join in the Chant
Nitzer Ebb - Fun to be Had

Unterart - Just you Wait
Hawthorn - When the Lamp is Shattered
Tanzwut - Scattereiter

Unternull - This is Your End
Velvet Acid Christ - Wound
Sutcliffe Jugend - When Pornography is no Longer Enough

Test Department - Fuckhead
Revolting Cocks - Gila Copter
Golgatha - Fields of Honour

Final Cut - I Believe in Your
Pailhead - I will Refuse
Propergol - la vie en rose
Diamanda Galas - Hastayim Yasiyorum

Dwarves - Saturday Night

Upcoming guests: Mark Z. Danielewski, Les Claypool, Billy Childish, David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower, Wovenhand), Slim Cessna's Auto Club
If your band is coming through San Franciso and would like to interview, email suktion@[nil_spam]