Sunday, October 08, 2006

September 30th playlist

The Stooges - Death Trip
Turbonegro - Blow me (like the wind)

Television - Marquee Moon
Diamanda Galas - Malediction

Pailhead - Man Should Surrender
The Stranglers - Golden Brown
Legendary Pink Dots - Curious Guy

The Klan - Pushin' Too Hard
M. Gira - Blind - I'm Singing to you From my Room
Swans - A Screw

Pere Ubu - Mona - Why I Hate Women
Tindersticks - Marbles

Sixteen Horsepower - Straw Foot
Sixteen Horsepower - Fire Spirit
Nick Cave - Thirsty Dog

Peter Murphy - All Night Long
XTC - Dear God

C/A/T - Prisoner
Suicide Commando - Bleed For Us All
Codec & Flexor - Black Diamonds

Mono No Aware - Saigai
Android Lust - The Body
Ian McCulloch - That's No Way to Say Goodbye
Cristina - Is That All There Is?

Caustic - Love that Taint
Dive - Dark Room
Assemblage23 - Love my Way

Dwarves - Fuck you up and get high
Ramones - Animal Boy
Mudhoney - If I think (accidentally played again at end of night...ooops)

7 Seconds - Colourblind
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Junkload - Rough Sex

Luxxury - Dirty Girls Need Love Too
Klutae - Fat Faggot in a Leather Jacket

Alec Empire - A Night of Violence
Circle Jerks - Wild in the Streets

Mudhoney again....cued up wrong song.

good night.