Sunday, October 08, 2006

October 7th - David Eugene & Playlist

Special guest: David Eugene Edwards of Woven Hand and Sixteen Horsepower


Serge Gainsbourg - Intoxicated Man
The Wipers - Potential Suicide
Saints - Know Your Product

Noir Desir - L'enfant roi
Nebelhexe - Erzulies Charm

Velvet Acid Christ - Ghost Regen
Test Department - The Crusher
Christian Death - Mirage

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - This is How We Do Things in the Country
Billy Childish & Dan Melchoir - Devil in the Flesh
Cristina - Is that all there is?
Echo and the Bunnymen - Heads Will Roll

Sixteen Horsepower interview

Sixteen Horsepower - Clogger
Segment 1

Sixteen Horsepower - Black Soul Choir
Sixteen Horsepower w/ Noir Desir - The Partisan
Segment 2

Sixteen Horsepower - Straw Foot
Sixteen Horsepower - Cinder Alley
Segment 3

Woven Hand - Slota Prow
Woven Hand - Sparrow Falls
Segment 4

Psychopomps - Godshit
Mentallo & the Fixer - Brutal Rapture

Snog - Crash, Crash
Nick Cave - Get Ready For Love
Duetsch Nepal - We Are All Prostitutes

Haujobb - World Window
Tear Garden - Good night little lights
Ambassador21 - New Doctrine About the Trinity

Under the Noise - Future Automatic
Brendan Perry - Death will be my Bride
Most of the Tacitum - Under the Iron Heal

Eve of Destiny - Desperado