Sunday, April 29, 2007

April 28, 2007

special guests:
jamie kennedy and bobby lee (interviewed by pixie)
miles montalbano, director of revolution summer
4orm_viru$ and Sarin of Dekonstrukt

Go see Revolution Summer at the San Francisco International Film Festival May 3rd @ 9:15pm @ the kabuki theatre, THEN

get your ass across town to see Armageddon Dildos at DNA Lounge co-presented by Dekonstrukt.

oh, and see kickin' it old skool w/ jamie kennedy and bobby lee

damn, i wish i could've done a longer show tonite, oh well.

sarin brought his mrs., dj kryonfive, and 4orm_viru$ brought noizerapist.

music played:
for the jamie kennedy / bobby lee segments, jamie kennedy and stu stone "rollin' with saget' and 'circle circle dot dot'.

for miles montalbano segment, beat happening 'revolution come and gone' and jonathan richman 'revolution summer theme'.

sarin took over with armageddon dildos, download and other fun stuff

4orm_virus took over with bong ra, winterkalte, sonar and more