Monday, May 21, 2007

May 19, 2007


Parker Posey
Hal Hartley
and local band Pebble Theory

what do you do when you meet one of your two favorite woman actresses of all time....the other being Catherine Keener (Catherine, there's a spot always reserved for you on the show) pretend that you're not a psycho fan, you suck it up, you pop a xanax, you look her right in the eyes and the very second you feel like you're going to spooge in your pants, you put your large shotgun microphone two inches from her glorious mouth to distract her from those embarrassing stains down below.

Parker is in Fay Grim, playing now and also available on DVD on tuesday. Fay Grim is the sequel to Henry Fool directed by Hal Hartley.

what do you do when you meet one of your favorite filmmakers of all time? you don't have to worry about it if he's in his 50's and you don't crave sucking on his bottom lip. actually this is my second interview with hartley, the first is on the drinks with tony website and was recorded before filming Fay Grim,

Will there be a Henry Fool III? Listen to the podcast to find out.

The New Yorker ripped Hartley a new one in their latest issue, giving Fay Grim the thumbs down. I think they just miss their filmmaker darling who left NYC for Berlin b/c it's too expensive to be an artist in such metropolitan areas. Hartley almost has me sold on moving to Berlin.

After the taped Posey and Hartley interviews, Pebble Theory drank most of my scotch in our green room and were ready to play 20 questions. Check them out this Saturday, May 26th @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco.


Autoclav 1.1 - Fault
The Church - Reptile
Nick Cave - a few songs (i got to the station early b/c there was dead air).

then @ 6pm:

Drinks with Tony theme song
The Cure - Let's Go To Bed
Parker Posey Segment 1

Spinal Tap - Hell Hole
Parker Posey Segment 2

Xiu Xiu - Ceremony
Parker Posey Segment 3
Grinderman - No Pussy Blues

Dwarves - Saturday Night

Hal Hartley intro
Arab Strap - Don't Ask Me to Dance
Hal Hartley Segment 1

oops, dead air b/c i was drinking in the green room with pebble's their fault. yeah, i blame them, they, they force fed me scotch, yeah...

Hal Hartley - Fay Grim theme song
Hal Hartley - Segment 2
Panzar ag - Tip The Dancer

Hal Hartley - Segment 3

Pebble Theory interview and many Pebble Theory songs.

Thanks for listening. No Show on May 26th.

Miranda July will be my guest on June 2nd.