Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13th


1. mudhoney if i thnk
2. iggy and the stooges i need somebody
3. haircut 100
4. andre williams
5. clark - volcan veins - turning dragons (N)
6. beastie boys - new style
7. dirty americans - car crash (N)
8. lordsof the new church - i never believed
9. fugazi - do you like me

jokes for feelings in the studio and we danced and sang and played a bunch of their songs. they perform at kimo's on november 21st.

metal urbaine - hysterie connective
pixies - this monkey's gone to heaven

skinny puppy - ugli
negativland - christianity is stupid
crystal candles - xxxxcuzx me (N)
love and rockets - motorcycle
barry adamson - come hell or high water
munly - dar he drone

Next week: Rachel Resnick.