Friday, December 05, 2008

December 5th

it's been a while since i got drunk on the radio show, and since it's drinks with tony and it was a music show, decided to have a party.

monkey and lia joined me for parts of the show.

jonathan richman - roadrunner
jonathan richman - when we refuse to suffer
the smiths - that joke isn't funny anymore

the makers - i'm not a social kind of guy
operation ivy - sound system
7 seconds - strength
helmet - unsung
suicidal - possessed

silverfish - pink n lovely
tom waits - going out west
sonic youth - death veally 69

nitzer ebb - getting closer
beastie boys - shadrach
scritti politti - perfect way
noir desir

tones on tail - there's only one
rowland s howard - white wedding

the mighty caesars - lie detector
three o'clock - her heads revolving
tribe called quest

C U next WEEK drinkers.