Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 12th - lots of mew-sick

bar feeders - black out
dead or alive - you spin me round
daf - der mussolini

the modern age slavery - vile mother earth (N)

the cure - i'm cold
psa - februrary birthdays

xtc - dear god
camper - no more bullshit

laXula - la boulette - (N)
the birthday party - kathy's kisses

psa -engineers without borders

nobunny - church mouse (N)

andre williams - pussy stank
joy division - they walked in line
frank black - i burn today

psa - craighslist foundation

op ivy - sounds system
mick harvey - hank williams said it best

junkload - sex death and boredom
flexx bronco - dead man

individual totem - paradoxen

ende neu - dada
blondie - automic
jay munly - dar he drone