Friday, March 06, 2009

March 5th - music and shit

long time writer, robert guskind, died earlier this week. i'm pretty sure it was suicide since he told me a few months ago he felt it was the only way out. if you've been playing along at home you know i have a lot of suicide in my family and friends and take suicides with a bit of sarcasm, love, loss and fuck off-ness. it's ballsier to just live. in fact, even if i had no friends or family to rely on, to stay alive would spite my enemies and that's enough.

first song was a dedication to guskind. hopefully you're somewhere peaceful and if you can give us a sign, throw a bone my way.

queen - dont try suicide
PE - miuzi weighs a ton

intro and the church - reptile
the smiths - what difference does it make


plimsouls - million miles away
iggy - i wanna be your dog
pixies - this monkey's gone to heaven
the modern age slavery - shell of perversion (N)
(note: don't buy this fucking record, i keep forgetting the promo they sent us is filled with "buy our cd" as they fade out the song. this metal band is fucking sell outs....hopefully we can just toss them from the PCR library.)

psa - pirate cat radio t-shirts

timezone - timezone
violent femmes - kiss off
the jam - precious

psa - youth arts month

vac - the hand
fm belfast - lotus (N)
the the - infected
tobacco - wig blows off (N)

nin - closer
wumpscut - on the run
ministry - halloween

replacements - god damn job
camper van beethoven - life is grand
ramones - we're a happy family
berlin - sex
bongwater - the power of pussy
bikini kill - i like fucking

yep, see ya next week. i promise to be less cynical and more buzzed.