Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 14, 2007 - all about Johnny Suede

Tom DiCillo, writer/director of:
'Johnny Suede'
'Living in Oblivion'
'Box of Moonlight'
'The Real Blonde'
'Double Whammy' &
the upcoming 'Delirious'

When I was little Drinks, I was pretty depressed because women were breaking my heart and I was trying to start a punk band......I was so broke, my entertainment @ night was going to the library and reading.
Then, I heard there was a movie with Nick Cave in it called 'Johnny Suede'. I rented the movie and it was Brad Pitt's first film as a lead and it spoke to me. I actually was already dressing like him and he was trying to figure out girls and trying to get a band together.
In the film, he writes songs and all the lyrics are written in permanent marker on his walls.
After every book I read, I'd write the title on my walls in homage to 'Johnny Suede'.

I heard 'Johnny Suede' was actually started as a monologue by the director that he performed in New York. I've been DYING to meet the director for years and a huge fan of his work.

I saw his latest film, 'Delirious', and it's up there with 'Living in Oblivian' greatness.

We talked for a bit about 'Delirious' and why 'Double Whammy' bombed (he doesn't name names, but during the show I name them for you..

But, most of the interview is all about 'Johnny Suede'. So, if you're a fan like I am of that film, download the show b/c his segment goes for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

DwT theme song
Barry Adamson - Come Hell or High Water

Tom DiCillo segment 1
Munly - Big Black Bull Comes Like A Caesar

Tom DiCillo segment 2
clip from Johnny Suede (Johnny finds 'the button')
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Party on your Pussy

Tom DiCillo segment 3
clip from Johnny Suede (Freak Storm played by Nick Cave and Johnny scene)
Nick Cave - The Lyre of Orpheus

Tom DiCillo segment 4
Johnny Suede - Never Girl
Johnny Suede - Midtown
Camper van Beethoven - Down and Out
Lou Reed - New York Telephone Conversation

Tom DiCillo segment 5
Elvis Costello - Pump it Up
Grinderman - Depth Charge Ethel

Skinny Puppy - PolitiKil
Marilyn Manson - I don't like the Drugs

next week:
Anna David, author of Party Girl
Douglas Carlton Abrams, author of The Lost Diary of Don Juan