Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jan 8, 2009 - the LOVE show

richard hell - love comes in spurts
joe frank, love prisoner
hank williams - baby we're really in love

queen - crazy little thing called love
oingo boingo - violent love
dead boys - what love is
jonathan richman - true love is not nice

luxxury - dirty girls need love too
peaches lovertits
the holy kiss - love left me

nick cave - until the end of the world
nick cvave - lie down here and be my girl
grinderman - love bomb

amdre williams - let me put it in
red hots - love trilogy
killing joke - love like blood
duran - anyone out there

android lust - lover thine
death in june - deep than love
mission - love me to death

the ramones - i love you
black flag - baatard in love
coil - loves secret domain

nick cave - hard on for love