Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June 30, 2007

Mark Haskell Smith, author of "Salty" was guest for the entire show.

Mark was the first official Drinks with Tony guest over five years ago. "Salty" is his third novel.

Around five or so years ago, about six to eight months after I interviewed Chuck Palahniuk for the "Cherry Bleeds Podcast", b/c that's what it was called then...and I interviewed a couple of high profile German actors for Filmjunkie.com b/c that was a film festival 'zine then, before it became a festival for two years and way too much work for a money loss.....when I realized a labor of love is better than labor(s) of love when the $$ ain't comin' in....

Ok, back up, five years ago, a little longer, I was staying in Alameda, temporarily....that city is seven miles from San Francisco and it's where the San Francisco Bay Area plunks down all its red necks, I was bicycling through the Alameda/Oakland tunnel, having a panic attack b/c I hate tunnels and the traffic noise was truly fucking with my zen whatever, I was on my way to interview a first time novelist....Mark Haskell Smith. He wrote a book called "Moist" and I dug it and we met for drinks. While I was sucking exhaust from the rednecks traveling b/t Alameda and civilization, I came up with a concept and a name for a show, Drinks with Tony...and all interviews will be taped in a bar.

Boom. Five years later and Mr. Smith releases his third novel and comes on my now broadcast live radio show last Saturday. I was kind of emotional about it. It meant a lot to me. All the hard work that I've put into the show over the years, I sat across the studio from Mark and it was all worth it.

Click the 6/30 podcast for the full show.

Anyway, Mark Haskell Smith, 3rd novel, second appearance since his first appearance on Drinks with Tony over five years when the concept was in my brain and he was the first person I told that I was going to name the show Drinks with Tony.....even before telling my wife.

I'm taking some weeks off of Drinks with Tony to finish a couple of writing projects that have been brewing and stay tuned for a live Drinks with Tony taping and event that'll happen in September.

It's time to get to the next level.