Thursday, August 02, 2007

August 2, 2007

NOTE: podcast starts @ about 3:15, i was a little late to the show, sorry.

Steve Buscemi
DJ Shelly Veil (pronounced 'vile' which i kept pronouncing wrong)

Steve Buscemi stars and directed "Interview" which is playing in theatres now...great film btw.
In September the film "Delirous" directed by Tom diCillo that he stared in comes out.


Drinks with Tony intro
George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag

Steve Buscemi segment 1
Swans - Celebrity Lifestyle

Steve Buscemi segment 2
Andre Williams - Let Me Put It In

Steve Buscemi segment 3
Mick Harvey - A Walk on the Wild Side

Steve Buscemi segment 4
Barry Adamson - Jazz Devil

Then Shelly Veil took over and played some Pink Floyd, Abi Yoyos, Pixies, The Mummies and a bunch more that we forgot to write down.

I also snuck in The Places, Lisa Germano, SOD and Sonic Youth.

Next week - David Corbett discussing his book and bringing his latin pop music collection.

thanks for listening.